Sweet Mommy's commitment

Nursing wear is a staple item for the mom and the baby to have a sweet time together. Our mission is to stick to secure and safe fabric for their delicate skin.Therefore, we have chosen the organic cotton for our products with great care, and this effort allowed us to meet tough quality standards.  Sweet Mommy is committed to utilize high quality organic cotton for all collections to come.

What is organic cotton?

Organic cotton is cultivated in a soil where no synthetic agricultural chemicals (such as fertilizers or pesticides) has been used for at least three years. It was cultivated with greater effort under tight controls, using beneficial insects (such as ladybugs) instead of pesticides.


What is the difference with standard cotton?

As cultivation of cotton usually needs more time and efforts, and more agricultural chemicals than other crops, it influences both people and the soil. The cultivation of environmentally friendly organic cotton has been a focus of attention as a wholesome way for people and the earth.


Sweet Mommy's organic cotton

The organic cotton utilized by Sweet Mommy is all grown in Texas, USA at a selected farm an exclusive textile manufacturer. It is a 100% safe fabric which meets the highest standards of organic cotton, and it has gained three certificate marks.


Our organic cotton collection
In our collection, you can find a large variety of items made with this environmentally friendly fabric. For the pregnant mom, we have items for all seasons:
tops and tuniques, pullovers and cardigans. For a formal occasion or a ceremony, you can find boleros and shrugs.  


For the birth, we have organic cotton pyjamas. For after birth, our body shapers line. For nursing, when the contact with the baby skin is most frequent, bras, nursing pads, ponchos and shawls.


Last but not least, some special items for babies: bodysuits and jumpsuits.

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