Lamé Formal Stole

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Maternity and Nursing Wear
Maternity and nursing lamé stole, multifunction and very elegant.

  • • Ideal for all year round
  • • Low stretch fabric
  • • Made from light to medium fabric

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Sweet Mommy

This elegant lamé stole is designed for nursing moms like you. Add a touch of luxury vintage to transform any look into something truly special. 


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This functional scarf is lightweight, breathable, fashionable, and compact for your favorite purse. It will transform bolero or nursing cover by fastening the buttons. Looks fabulous with our maternity and nursing dresses and of course can be worn again for any occasion. 


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 Fabric composition: Rayon 75% + Polyester15% + Nylon10%

Size: 150 cm x 50 cm.


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Polyester 15%
Rayon 75%
Nylon 10%


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Lamé Formal Stole

Lamé Formal Stole

Maternity and nursing lamé stole, multifunction and very elegant.

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