"LIBERTY" Print Ribbon Maternity Nursing Pajamas

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Maternity and Nursing Wear - Pajamas and Nightgowns
Maternity and nursing pajamas, made of 3 pieces, in Liberty fabric.

  • • Ideal for all year round
  • • Medium-high stretch fabric
  • • Made from medium fabric

Sweet Mommy

 Beautiful maternity & nursing pajamas, made with famous "LIBERTY" fabric. 

Liberty is a leading British fashion brand that was founded in 1874. Its designers were key figures in the Art Nouveau movement. The name of the company became a synonym of the new style, to the point that in Italy Art Nouveau is also known as "Stile Liberty". The Liberty store in Regent Street is one of the most prestigious in London: "a wonderful emporium where the latest fashions sit alongside design classics" (Wikipedia). Some special Sweet Mommy dresses are now embellished by original Liberty fabrics and take part in the continuation of this great style heritage.This dress has the following details made by Liberty fabrics: the knot, the edges of sleeves and legs, the edge on the back.






Fabric composition: 95% rayon + 5% elastan.

lt remains comfortable till the end of your pregnancy as the fabric will stretch and adjust to your body.

Viscose (rayon) is a textile fiber derived from trees cellulose. Its main features are its brightness, transpirability and soft hand (feeling to the touch), that is similar to silk; consequently, its comfort is similar to that of other fibers such as cotton or silk itself. Besides, it has a good resistance to wear (when dry), to moths, to ironing, to organic solvents and bleaching. In comparison to cotton, rayon is much more unlikely to be electrostatically charged in dry climates.



For breastfeeding, our clothing has a special opening; the top layer is easily lifted when you need, the underlayer keeps you covered while nursing. You can discreetly feed your baby even in a public place.




Sweet Mommy pajamas are 2 in 1 - for pregnancy and nursing. They are so stylish, you will always continue to wear them. Perfectly comfortable and practical at the time of labour. You can choose to wear the camisole only, or to wear the trousers as well when weather is cooler.



Detail sizes are shown in the enclosed table.




Elastan 5%
Rayon 95%


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"LIBERTY" Print Ribbon Maternity Nursing Pajamas

"LIBERTY" Print Ribbon Maternity Nursing Pajamas

Maternity and nursing pajamas, made of 3 pieces, in Liberty fabric.

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