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Newborns and Kids - Stroller Sacks and Sleeping Bags
Multifunction baby stroller sack, filled with high quality goose down.

  • • Ideal for winter
  • • Non stretchable fabric
  • • Made from thick fabric

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Sweet Mommy

 Multifunction Duvet Baby Stroller Sack GIRAMONDO

 GIRAMONDO is a duvet accessory filled with high quality goose down and extremely useful. It is very flexible and can be used in a lot of different ways, either during the outdoor walks or in the baby's room, and it can replace a few other accessories.

Lining in organic cotton. 


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 1. Giramondo is a comfortable and warm stroller sack, with the lower part that can be closed or open to form pants, so that to separately cover the legs of the baby, but leaving them free.

2. Giramondo is also a universal cover for every type of baby carrier: for your walks, the baby is kept warm and sheltered even during the cold or rainy days. It can be used both with the baby carrier kept on the front, and with the baby carrier kept on the back, or with the wraps that hold the baby horizontally, such as for example Baby Wrap or Sleepy Wrap.

3. Giramondo can obviously also be used as a simple sack for walk.

4. Giramondo finally is a warm sleeping sack, that can also be transformed into a blanket.


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Composition: Outer: Polyester 100%;  Lining: Organic Cotton 100%;

Filling: High Quality Goose Down.

The eider-down quality used for Giramondo contains as much as 90% of true Goose Eider-down: the best available quality on the market (there are goose downs that contain only 75% of true eider-down).

Weight: approx 530 g. 


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Sizes: length 72cm ( without the hood), width 94cm ( open), length of the legs 25cm.

Recommended for kids 0 - 3 years


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Lining 100% Organic cotton
Filling Quality down feather (90% Down, 10% Feather)
Outer layer 100% Polyester


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Multifunction baby stroller sack, filled with high quality goose down.

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