Organic Cotton Dot Maternity Nursing Bra

Organic Cotton Dot Maternity Nursing Bra

Maternity and Nursing Wear - Maternity and Nursing Lingerie

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Maternity and nursing polka dot bras, very romantic and comfortable.

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Ideal for all year round

Ideal for all year round

Ideal for all year round

Medium stretch fabric

Medium stretch fabric

Medium stretch fabric

Made from medium fabric

Made from medium fabric

Made from medium fabric

Sweet Mommy

During pregnancy and nursing, bras need to meet particular requirements; not all bras are same (not even special nursing bras). The Sweet Mommy bra has been engineered for maximum comfort and style.

Sweet Mommy Organic Cotton100% Dot Nursing Bra melts onto your body for comfort unlike any you've experienced from a bra before! Simply pull aside one cup and the other remains supportively in place. It is made with a soft, beautiful stretch trimming lace that stretches both directions to accomodate your changing shape. 









*The design of the bra is made to uniformly distribute weight in the different directions, avoiding to push too much on a single area of the breast.
It sustains and it pushes up breasts, without having any steel lining.

* The shoulder straps are wider, to distribute the weight of the breasts (naturally bigger in this period) more comfortably on the shoulder.

* It has four different hooks to tighten or to widen the bra as needed.

* Made by 100% organic cotton.

* Comfortable inner pocket contains a nursing pad, that can be taken out and replaced.

* Elegant style of the bra and the accompanying bag , to bring it with you anywhere. 





Detail sizes are shown in the enclosed table.





Organic cotton 100%


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