Bamboo Fabric Nursing Top

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Maternity and Nursing Wear - Maternity Tops and T Shirts
Maternity and nursing long sleeve top made of bamboo fabric.

  • • Medium-high stretch fabric
  • • Made from light fabric
  • • Ideal for spring, autumn and winter

Sweet Mommy

 This silky, soft nursing top features a soft elasticised fabric for support and comfort-It's perfect for all seasons - alone in the summer or as a layering piece.


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Up to date, fashionable design and colours, high quality details.

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Composition: rayon(bamboo) 95% + elastan 5%. The part touches your breast is made by 100% organic cotton.

The bamboo fabric has intelligent temperature regulating properties, keeping you warm in a chill. Simple and practical, the stretchy fabric makes for a fitted, modern shape.

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Detail sizes are shown in the enclosed table.




Elastan 5%
Bamboo Rayon 95%


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Bamboo Fabric Nursing Top

Bamboo Fabric Nursing Top

Maternity and nursing long sleeve top made of bamboo fabric.

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