Universal Baby Stroller Seat Liner With Cooling Pads Basic Versi

Universal Baby Stroller Seat Liner With Cooling Pads Basic Versi

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Universal baby stroller seat liner with 4 cooling pads.

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Ideal for summer

Ideal for summer

Ideal for summer

Sweet Fairies

 Universal baby stroller seat liner with cooling pads, fits to all common baby strollers.
The basic version (code SF1023) includes the seat cover and 4 gel pads.
It is also available in a different version with accessories (code SF1024) that also includes three matching liners pads. The picture herebelow shows the version with accessories.





It is the best idea to keep your baby comfortable during a stroller ride in the hottest summer days. It has pockets for cooling pads (included) in correspondence of the baby's back, where usually the baby feels the most heat, and sweats the most, because the stroller's seat does not allow air to flow. The cooling pads are made by special materials suitable for baby use, they are soft and can be cooled down in fridge before going out. It is tested to maintain a cooling effect for three hours at an external temperature of 30°C.




Available in four variants, suitable for all seasons and easy to take off and wash.






Cotton 100%


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