Kid Keeper Safety Harness With Backpack model Bat

Kid Keeper Safety Harness With Backpack model Bat

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Kid keeper safety harness with backpack, bat model.

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Mommy's helper- Kid Keeper Safety Harness with Backpack.

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A great way to keep kids close and safe in crowds, or during family outings. Remove the tether strap to turn this harness into a backpack. This is a great wasy to keep active toddlers close at hand and safely next to you.

* Strap swivels to prevent tangling

* Sliding torso trap keeps harness in the correct position

* Comfortable padded shoulder straps

* A zippered back pocket, and removable tether strap

* Machine washable

* Adjusts to fit chest size 14" to 25 1/2"

* Tether Strap length 35"

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