Front Placket Lace Maternity and Nursing Nightie

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Maternity and Nursing Wear - Pajamas and Nightgowns
Maternity and nursing 2 in 1 pajamas set.

  • • Medium stretch fabric
  • • Made from medium fabric
  • • Ideal for spring, autumn and winter

Sweet Mommy

Beautiful 2 in 1 maternity and nursing pajamas set.

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Up to date, fashionable design and colour. High quality details. It is a perfect choice for use at the hospital.

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Fabric composition: 60% rayon + 35% polyester + 5% elastan.

This soft stretch fabric lt remains accomodate your growing belly. It remains comfortable till the end of your pregnancy. It is a handy nursing dress, due to its neckline and the specially designed opening.

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Sweet Mommy pajamas are 2 in 1 - for pregnancy and nursing. They are so stylish, you will always continue to wear them. Perfectly comfortable and practical at the time of labour. You can choose to wear the camisole only, or to wear the trousers as well when weather is cooler. 

2 colours available: pink, black.

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Sizes are shown in the enclosed sketch.


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Polyester 35%
Elastan 5%
Rayon 60%


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Front Placket Lace Maternity and Nursing Nightie

Front Placket Lace Maternity and Nursing Nightie

Maternity and nursing 2 in 1 pajamas set.

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